1 Mar 2019

XtraGrass Hybrid Turf Installed in Wuhan Five-Ring Sports Center

China, Wuhan

Product: XtraGrassTM

Date: February 2019

Project Description:

This is the first time that China has seen a hybrid turf system being used in the Super League. Labosport, an independent FIFA accredited test institute tested the Field and gave it Grade A score in sports performance and agronomy. 

It took six months for XtraGrass Hybrid Turf System to grow up and well maintained in Shanghai’s nursery in advance and then was transferred to Wuhan by 32 trucks over 1200km.  A skilled and experienced installation team of GreenFields and SuperGrass utilised 10 machines to install the XtraGrassTM Hybrid Turf System across the entirety of the stadium. Within just six days under the cold, snowy temperatures (0°C - 5°C) of Wuhan, XtraGrassTM Hybrid Turf System was quickly and efficiently installed, four days before the deadline.

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