GreenFields' ECO-range sustainable artificial grass systems


Premium range with fibre combinations

The GreenFields systems with an A-label have unique fibre combinations and need even less infill. Because of these fibre combinations, the infill is retained within the system more efficiently, making maintenance easier and reducing undesirable infill migration. The systems in this range are available in woven and tufted options.

Fibre combinations for infill retention

A system with an A-label further reduces the infill amount with another 30% and brings the migration potential further down with another 84%.

Compared to the Slide Max Pro with a B-label, the MF Elite offers a -41% reduction due to a fibre combination with fibrillated tape

The MX Elite also offers -41% reduction, thanks to the patented woven structure

The Slide Max ST reduces the infill splash with -84%, thanks to the fibre combination with texturized yarns

    GreenFields MF Elite - S Nature


Highly resilient monofilaments combined with fibrillated tape yarns to hold the infill; the GreenFields MF Elite is designed to keep the infill layer in an optimal shape for a longer duration. 

The GreenFields MF Elite combined with Nature infill offers a durable and low maintenance pitch in our ECO-range.

ECO Highlights of the MF Elite

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    GreenFields Slide Max ST - S Bioblend


The Slide Max ST combines the Slide Max yarns with sports grade texturised yarns in a dense tufted carpet. A pile height reduction to 40mm in this semitexturised configuration substantially decreases the required amount of performance infill, with no intentionally added microplastics. 

The GreenFields Slide Max ST s BioBlend is the semifilled system and is suitable when a minimal amount of performance infill is desired.

ECO Highlights of the Slide Max ST

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    GreenFields MX Elite - S GreenFill


Developed for long-lasting, high performance play. The GreenFields MX Elite is our high end woven solution for (semi) professional clubs. A pile height reduction to 50mm in this woven structure substantially decreases the required amount of performance infill, with no intentionally added microplastics. 

The GreenFields MX Elite is our premium filled product, offering optimised durable performance when opting for an eco-friendly high-end pitch. 

ECO Highlights of the MX Elite

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