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The website from TenCate Grass makes use of cookies. A cookie is a small and simple file that is sent alongside pages from this website and stored on your computer's hard disk by your browser. The information contained therein may be sent back to our servers the next time you visit the website.

This explanation about the use of cookies informs you what cookies are stored on your computer and for what purposes.

Remembering settings

We use cookies to remember your settings and preferences so that you are not continuously prompted for these. This concerns the following settings and preferences:

  • Load balancing to allow the site to load faster at busy times
  • Displaying Google Maps around our location in order to give you the opportunity to request a route description
  • Remembering which cookies you have allowed

You can block these cookies via your browser but in that case you will have to enter your preferences very time you visit the website.

Functioning of the site

We use cookies to allow our website to function efficiently. These functional cookies are used solely for this purpose. This concerns:

  • Visual settings (font size, colours etc.)
  • Your name, email address etc., so that you do not have to repeatedly enter these details
  • Your language preference
  • Requests to participate in surveys or receive newsletters
  • Ensuring that you do not see an advertisement too frequently

You can block these cookies via your browser but this can adversely affect the functioning of our website.

Share buttons

Our website contains buttons for promoting and sharing web pages on social networks such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+ and Mail. AddThis. These buttons store cookies on your hard disk.

These buttons function using small pieces of code which originate from these social networks. We have no influence on this matter. Please read the privacy declarations from these networks (which can change regularly) to find out how they use the (personal) details which they acquire via these cookies.


Tracking and profiles

We use Salesforce (and as a part of it Pardot) that sets first-party cookies for tracking purposes, and sets third-party cookies for redundancy. Using first-party and third-party cookies together is standard in the marketing automation industry. Pardot cookies do not store personally identifying information, they store only a unique identifier.

Google Analytics

As mentioned above, the American company Google stores a cookie on your computer when you use our website as part of the Google Analytics service. We use this service to monitor how visitors use the website and receive reports on this. Google may share this information with third parties where legally obliged to do so or insofar as these third parties process the information on behalf of Google. We have no influence on this matter. We permit Google to use the acquired analytics solely for the Google Analytics service.

The information is transferred to Google and stored on servers in the United States. We have entered into a data processing agreement and EU model contract with Google to determine how our data are used. Due to the subsequent obligations on Google we have secured an appropriate level of protection for the processing of personal information.

Right to inspect, correct or remove data about you

You have the right to ask to inspect, correct or remove data about you. Please see the contact page for further information. In order to prevent misuse we may ask you for adequate identification. If your request concerns the inspection of personal data linked to a cookie, you must send a copy of the cookie in question. You can find where this is in your browser settings.

You can usually also delete cookies using the settings in your browser. Further information about the enabling, disabling and deleting of cookies can be found in the instructions and/or using the Help function in your browser.

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