Recycling of synthetic turf


Making synthetic turf circular!

In April 2019, the synthetic turf industry set up GBN Artificial Grass Recycling (GBN-AGR). Chain partners GBN, Antea Sport, EdelGrass, Ten Cate Grass Group, GreenFields, CSC Sport, Domo Sports Grass and Sports & Leisure Group entered into the collaborative partnership under the name GBN Artificial Grass Recycling (AGR). Setting up this partnership provided artificial grass suppliers with the guarantee that their end-of-life artificial grass mats would be disposed of in a transparent, circular and responsible manner.

With GBN Artificial Grass Recycling, we take a huge step towards the goal to make synthetic turf circular. In this video, the director of GBN AGR explains the process of recycling turf at the factory in Amsterdam.

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GreenFields is a proud partner of the first circular artificial grass processing plant in the Netherlands

In various countries in Europe and elsewhere is an urgent demand for clean, safe and circular recycling of artificial grass as it reaches the end its lifespan. Many municipalities, sports clubs and other organisations are seeking options to dispose of their artificial turf in a responsible way. TenCate Grass Group and GreenFields have invested in the establishment of GBN Artificial Grass Recycling B.V. (GBN-AGR).

GBN Artificial Grass Recycling offers a solution by recycling the annual supply of end-of-life artificial grass into new, high-quality, circular raw materials. In 2020, GBN opened its first innovative circular recycling factory in the Netherlands, located in the heart of the circular cluster of the Port of Amsterdam. 

The recycling facility is fully sustainable, both economically and in terms of environmental impact. It is also realistic, as it relies on a solid business case and was developed by and for the industry. GBN AGR works in close collaboration with several industry partners. This guarantees the investments needed to recycle sufficient volumes of artificial grass.

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100% circular processing for end-of-life artificial grass

We are all responsible for tomorrow's world. We need to use less new materials and find circular solutions for old materials.

The revolutionary treatment process that GBN AGR uses, results in a guaranteed 100% circular processing of artificial grass.
From an end-of-life artificial grass pitch to high-quality raw materials for new products, read here how we do it!



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