Hockey pitch


Hockey is one of the most demanding sports for players - it requires speed, agility and strength, which means that the surface it is played on, must comply with certain standards.

GreenFields has many years of experience in the design and construction of professional water based and sand dressed artificial hockey pitches, and is proud to be able to install these in line with the strict standards set by the FIH (International Hockey Federation).

Artificial Hockey Pitch

Our elite artificial GreenFields TX surfaces are developed for fast-playing modern hockey. They have incredible player reviews and are used by top international players around the world. 

Water Based Hockey Pitch

GreenFields is proud to play a role in improving the hockey experience for players around the world. Our innovative systems are tested extensively to meet governing body regulations and have been proven to maximise playing characteristics.

The GreenFields TX product range is well appreciated by (semi) professional players for taking the game to a next level

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GreenFields TX: An Elite Hockey Surface

GreenFields TX Elite has been tested extensively by clubs playing at the highest level and was the official playing field for the 2014 Hockey World Cup and EuroHockey 2017.

Sand Dressed Hockey Pitch

Our sand dressed hockey product, GreenFields TX SD has been designed for fast playing modern hockey providing a stable pitch for total play and ball control.

GreenFields TX SD


GreenFields TX SD has been developed as an optimum surface for players to enhance their technical skills, providing a stable pitch for total control. The surface is partially filled with sand ensuring that the pile height remains vertical. GreenFields TX SD offers identical ball roll in all directions as well as great ball rolling speed and accuracy. 

Sand Filled Hockey Pitch

Our sand filled hockey product, GreenFields PE is based on advanced XT polymer technology providing enhanced durability and an extremely long lifetime. Constructed with a pile height of either 20 or 24mm of texturised tape yarns and then heavily sand filled.

GreenFields PE


GreenFields PE can be used for multiple sports because of its short pile structure and high resilience, which makes it a multi-functional, cost effective surface solution for various clubs and communities.

FIH Preferred Producer

A hockey field approved by the FIH offers a professional grade playing surface that is suitable for competitive matches from local league to major tournaments such as The Olympic Games and the Hockey World Cup. 

GreenFields is an approved supplier for the FIH (International Hockey Federation). Our hockey turf fields have been designed to comply with FIH global and national classification standards. A hockey field approved by the FIH offers a professional grade playing surface that is suitable for all competitive matches including major tournaments such as The Olympic Games, Hockey World Cup and Hockey Junior World Cup.


GreenFields is proud to be one of ten companies who are an FIH Preferred Supplier; and as part of the TenCate Grass group, GreenFields is able to both manufacture and build hockey fields - enabling a simple one stop service for our customers. As part of this partnership, GreenFields works globally with the FIH to provide high quality hockey fields for all levels of play.


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