GreenFields' ECO-range sustainable artificial grass systems


Entry range with straight tufted pitches

This is our entry-level ECO-range. The systems in this range are straight tufted, filled with BIO-infill.  Compared to traditional turf systems, the products in the B-range have a lower pile and the rubber infill is replaced by a natural or biodegradable alternative.

Infill reduction when opting for a B-label ECO-range system

The low pile carpets in the GreenFields ECO-range require far less infill. The reduction of performance infill is compensated by adding a high quality shock pad or e-layer below the turf, which increases the sport-technical properties of the pitch.

An ECO-range B-label system reduces the infill amount with 50% compared to a traditional 60mm system. When opting for a B-label system, the infill migration potential goes down with an astonishing 80%.

    GreenFields Evolution Pro - S Nature


The GreenFields Evolution Pro is the ultimate trade-off between durability and material usage. The patented rhomboid shape of the yarns makes it possible to produce lighter yarns with the same trusted durability. A pile height reduction compared to traditional systems, reduces the material footprint even further up to 50% for the pile yarns and 100% of 18kg of rubber infill. 

GreenFields Evolution Pro is the ecofriendly solution: both ECO-logical as ECO-nomical.

ECO Highlights of the Evolution Pro

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    GreenFields Slide Max Pro - S Bioblend


The Slide Max Pro is our bestseller and has been for years with many positive reviews from across the world showing its trusted quality. This time the Slide Max Pro will feature in a new eco-friendly configuration. A pile height reduction compared to traditional systems reduces the material footprint by up to 40% for the pile yarns and 100% for the 18kg of rubber infill. 

Based on its extensive track-record, with the GreenFields Slide Max Pro with BioBlend infill, you get trusted quality in a highly eco-friendly version.

ECO Highlights of the Slide Max Pro

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    GreenFields Slide Max Elite - S GreenFill


Ultimate durability with our heavy weight in the range: the GreenFields Slide Max Elite. The high resilience is the result of the ribbed diamond shaped fibres. A pile height reduction compared to traditional systems, reduces the material footprint up to 35% for the pile yarns and 100% for the 18kg of rubber infill. 

The GreenFields Slide Max Elite combined with GreenFill offers a durable pitch with excellent sports performance in our ECO-range.

ECO Highlights of the Slide Max Elite

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