Ideally every sport should be played on a sport-specific artificial grass surface, but in case a facility needs to accommodate multiple applications, a multi sport product is often the most suitable choice.

Multi sports pitches are popular with schools and other educational establishments, because a multi purpose sports pitch has cost and space saving benefits by having just one surface for multi sports instead of needing a separate facility for each sport.

A multi sport artificial turf pitch is a safe and practical choice. It replaces dusty, sandy or muddy grass pitches and prevents injuries caused by falling on a hard surface such as a traditional paved playground. As specialists in sports surfaces, GreenFields is able to design and install high quality artificial turf that is suitable for a variety of sports to be played on.

ECO-range Multi Sports systems

The ECO-range consists of synthetic turf systems that all classify as having a low impact on the environment. The classification for each system is expressed with an ECO-label, designed to cover the most important aspects for a sustainable system namely: the material footprint, the carbon footprint, and the end-of-life recycling potential.

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