After installation it is essential to maintain the playing surface so that it retains its high level of performance. Our synthetic turf experts have developed an extensive programme which outlines the requirements for both daily and long term maintenance, ensuring maximum playability and continuous comfort and safety.

We can advise on the maintenance required for your specific pitch which can be carried out by your own maintenance staff with training provided by local GreenFields’ representatives, we can also schedule professional maintenance on a quarterly basis.

IOG Member

GreenFields are corporate members of the Institute of Groundsmanship which enables us to advise on and provide sports pitch maintenance of the highest quality. 

The GreenFields Grounds Team are specialists in the ongoing maintenance required for both synthetic and hybrid surfaces. In the UK, our experienced team are responsible for the upkeep of our hybrid product- XtraGrass at a number of high profile venues, who better to maintain your pitch than the specialists who designed, manufactured and installed it.