XtraGrass hybrid grass


What is hybrid grass?

Hybrid grass or reinforced natural grass is a combination of natural grass and artificial turf fibres. Hybrid turf is commonly used for large stadium pitches and at professional training facilities. Also amateur clubs are opting for hybrid grass more often, as it offers clubs more playing hours and a more stable field, because the synthetic fibres strengthen the natural grass, making them more resistant to damage. Hybrid grass is very suitable for football, rugby and American football.

XtraGrass Hybrid Turf

The GreenFields XtraGrass hybrid system combines the positive properties of natural grass with the strength and durability of artificial turf, providing an elite playing surface for sports. Plus, the patented weaving technique offers an increased fibre bind, compared to tufted solutions in the market.

Environmentally friendly hybrid grass  

XtraGrass is a woven system and therefore has a superior yarn bind (120 N), minimizing the risk of losing synthetic fibres into the environment. In addition, it only requires natural infill, which means there are no intentionally added microplastics in this product.

XtraGrass is developed, produced and installed based on materials from the same product family (polyolefins) for both the fibres and the backing, which makes the carpet easy to recycle. In addition, seams are sewed together - no glue is applied. Chemical analysis indicates that XtraGrass has no detectable leaching of PACs and phthalates. XtraGrass does not contain heavy metals.

Natural grass has the environmental benefit that it exchanges carbon dioxide for oxygen which supports the recommended oxygen daily intake for individuals.

The natural grass (cutting height approx. 3 cm) is higher than the 1.5 cm high synthetic fibres. Therefore, there is only a very minimal wear of the synthetic fibres and a minimal risk of spreading microplastics.


The XtraGrass hybrid system provides a 100% natural grass feeling and a green looking pitch all year round! Providing players with an advantage by enabling them to train on the same pitch as they play their matches on, whilst also reducing the risk of injury from a consistently stable surface.


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