17 Jun 2021

Dynamo Kiev chooses GreenFields XtraGrass to renovate their football pitches

Ukraine, Kiev

Taking advantage of the off-season, Dynamo Kiev decided to renovate their pitches at the Valeriy Lobanovskyi Dynamo Stadium and Koncha-Zaspa training base. The club opted for GreenFields XtraGrass, because it offers players a first-class surface with perfect playability, combined with more playing hours. Our local partner ENGO Ukraine has installed the hybrid XtraGrass pitches.

Anatoliy Kolosha, deputy director of Dynamo Kiev, about the use of GreenFields hybrid technology: “Currently, the reconstruction of the football pitch in our stadium is in progress. Because of weather conditions and frequent use of the field, we decided to opt for a hybrid pitch. The base of the turf will ensure the durability of the pitch. When a player slides or gives another hard impact on this pitch, it will be virtually indestructible. There may be damage, but only minor. It is very good for the safety of the players during the game. We had a very unpleasant experience when Oleg Gusev suffered a serious injury because the old natural pitch was heavily damaged during the game.”

The hybrid composition of GreenFields XtraGrass increases the number of playing and training hours available on the pitches. Additionally, ball behaviour is the same as on a natural pitch, while the surface has increased stability due to enhanced artificial coverage and the pitch will remain green looking, all year round.

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