28 Aug 2023

Hockey community adapting quickly and GreenFields Pure EP fully embraced


Since the initial installation of the first Pure EP pitch at 'Het Gooische', the Netherlands and the second installation at MHC Weesp, the Netherlands (our event location) a third pitch is currently being installed in Hoofddorp, the Netherlands. This year four more pitches will follow, two in the Netherlands, one in Germany and one in Paris France, the city where the next Olympic Games 2024 take place.

Pitch installation in progress, Hoofddorp the Netherlands. Next step: lining!

Exploring Sustainable Hockey further

As the world's focus on sustainability intensifies, the sports industry and GreenFields are also making strides towards environmentally responsible practices. In the realm of hockey, the traditional water-based pitches, while iconic, come with their own set of sustainability challenges. However, emerging innovations offer a promising solution: water-free hockey fields. These innovative fields provide numerous advantages that extend beyond their reduced water consumption. In this article, we delve into the added value of water-free hockey fields while steering clear of discussing their artificial grass properties.

Sustainable Water Management

One of the most remarkable benefits of water-free hockey fields is their reduced reliance on water. While traditional pitches demand copious amounts of water for maintenance, water-free fields significantly cut down this requirement. By employing advanced materials and design principles, these fields can offer excellent playability without the need for constant watering. This not only conserves precious water resources but also addresses concerns related to water scarcity in regions where hockey is played. The ability to provide a high-quality playing surface without straining local water supplies is a remarkable advantage that aligns with sustainable practices.

During our event, we asked players to comment on the GreenFields Pure EP pitch and this was their response:

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Resource Efficiency

Beyond their water-saving features, water-free hockey fields promote resource efficiency. The reduced need for water translates to lower maintenance demands. Water-free pitches require less maintenance after wet weather, resulting in shorter downtime for grooming and preparation. Water-based pitches need to be watered before and even during the game for optimal conditions. With water-free pitches, this step is no longer necessary, saving time and resources. This ensures that players can get the most out of their training and playing time. Additionally, the absence of constant watering contributes to energy savings, as water distribution systems and associated machinery consume substantial amounts of energy. This efficiency aligns with broader sustainability goals by minimizing the environmental footprint associated with hockey field maintenance.

Global Need

It remains important to remember the global need to transition hockey to a water-free future to keep the sport accessible to all at every level due to pressure on several country water recourses and different levels of water management strategy and natural availability, as statistics clearly show.

Pakistan: About 1,017 cubic metres per person per year water availability as of 2017

India: About 1,544 cubic metres per person per year water availability as of 2017

The Netherlands: About 5,426 cubic metres per person per year water availability as of 2017

The amount of water used to dampen a water-based hockey field once can vary depending on factors such as field size, climate, current moisture levels, and maintenance practices. On average, a water-based hockey field might require anywhere from around 4,5 to 9 cubic metres of water per watering session to maintain optimal playability.

After comparing these numbers to the water availability per person per year in different countries around the globe the need for water-free hockey pitches instantly becomes crystal clear.

GreenFields Pure EP

Water-free hockey fields offer a compelling vision for the future of the sport that extends beyond their absence of traditional water-based features. GreenFields Pure EP encapsulates principles of sustainable water management and resource efficiency on a global level. By embracing these innovations, the hockey community can not only maintain the integrity of the game but also contribute to a more sustainable and environmentally conscious sporting landscape. As sports enthusiasts and professionals alike explore innovative solutions, water-free fields stand out as a beacon of sustainable progress in the realm of hockey. GreenFields is proud to be a part of that.

GreenFields Pure EP stands as the pioneering first approved innovation in the FIH dry-turf category. Not only GreenFields Pure EP established a benchmark for our sustainable hockey future, but it has also been rapidly embraced, confirming the aspiration for an environmentally friendly future in hockey.

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