15 Sep 2022

Renovation of hockey surface Wagener Stadium completed with the installation of GreenFields TX Elite and Ecocept base

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Since 1938, the prestigious stadium in the Netherlands has hosted many international tournaments and matches. It has been named as a venue for the Women’s and Men’s Hockey World Cup in 2026.

To stay prepared for the future, both the hockey turf and the subbase were replaced in recent weeks. The stadium got a new Ecocept® base, made from recycled artificial turf. Ecocept guarantees a consistent playing surface and reduced impact on joints and muscles for hockey players.

On top of the Ecocept, a high speed play GreenFields TX Elite was installed. This turf product has a high density of fibres and a multi-layer backing.

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Developed in collaboration with top hockey players, the new GreenFields TX Elite offers the best in class solution for professional play at the highest level. Proud to be the most densely tufted product in the industry, this elite water based system provides the ultimate smooth playing surface combined with high speed, incredible precision and control.


  • High speed play from 1.5 million fibres per m2
  • Reduced water usage due to multi-layer backing
  • Stabilised surface due to trio layer backing 
  • Excellent foot grip from dense tuft
  • Also available in blue for FIH certified televised pitches

This results in a fast game, a highly consistent and stable surface and reduced water usage.

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