11 Jan 2021

First GreenFields Slide Max ST pitch with biodegradable GreenFill installed in the Netherlands

The system scores an A-label in the GreenFields ECO-range

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With approx. 1,800 members, HC&FC Victoria in Loosdrecht is one of the largest amateur sports clubs. in the Netherlands. This summer, the club invested in a new synthetic pitch, to create extra capacity. The club opted for a system in the GreenFields ECO-range: our Slide Max ST pitch with GreenFill, which was installed by our sister company CSC Sport.

With the installation of the 7-a-side ECO-range system (A-label), the club expanded its capacity to better host all its members. The durable diamond shaped fibres in the GreenFields Slide Max ST pitch are perfectly suitable for high performance sports pitches. This makes the pitch useful for intensive use in training sessions, which is advantageous in terms of planning. Furthermore, the pitch is also suitable for competitions: for 6x6 and 8x8 junior football and 7x7 senior football.

The club selected our GreenFields Slide Max ST pitch: a semi-texturized, low pile product. It combines our well-known Slide Max yarns with texturized diamond fibres to better contain the infill in the pitch.  

One of the focus points for sustainability was the infill for this new pitch. Victoria therefore deliberately looked at alternative infill materials. After a thorough research, the club decided to choose GreenFill; an innovative biodegradable infill. Due to its molecule structure this infill is receptive to bacterial degradation. The bacterial activity in the turf system is not high enough to affect the infill, but if GreenFill ends up in the soil around the pitch it will degrade within a year. With this unique feature the infill cannot harm the eco-system around the pitch and stands out compared to other biodegradable infills which only degrade under industrial or controlled composting circumstances. 

Gerard Nijhoving, Managing Director of Senbis, the company that produces GreenFill, reacts on the project: “We are very pleased with the successful realization of this sustainable pitch by CSC Sport with GreenFields turf. We have been working for years on the development of this biodegradable high-performance infill in close collaboration with these partners. The whole goal was to come with a clean solution to microplastic problems caused by infill. To see such an innovation now go to the market is obviously a proud moment and feels rewarding after an intensive development period.”

Vincent Homrighausen, Managing Director of GreenFields and Downstream EMEA: “the global focus on sustainability is rapidly increasing and with the recent introduction of the ECO-range, GreenFields has once again reconfirmed its position as innovation frontrunner in the industry. The GreenFields Slide Max ST system with Greenfill is an excellent addition to a range of products offering a safe, durable and sustainable sports experience”.

The new pitch has the official youth sizes and can be used as a match field. The field is suitable for competition matches and with the runouts, lines and youth goals officially approved for competition football. According to Victoria’s chairman William Koot, the construction of the new pitch was successful. Due to the corona crisis, things went a little differently than usual, but the pitch was delivered at the beginning of the new football season. William Koot has a good first impression of the pitch: “The pupils enjoy playing football on this new pitch. We are also going to use it for 7x7 seniors, but because of corona they have not been able to play a lot on it yet. As soon as they play more on it, we expect to be able to do a good evaluation and have a comparison with our other fields.

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